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"Owning the Yankees is like owning the Mona Lisa"

-George Steinbrenner-

Owner Profiles

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Eventually we will expand this page to be a spot where each owner can personalize a bit for their own enjoyment, and for the enjoyment of the rest of the league. Until then here is a complete listing of teams, owners and emails to facilitate trading. Remember to remove the " at " from the address listing and put in the ampersand.

Charlie Finley & OE-MailGeorge Steinbrenner

      TEAM                                                 OWNER     NETPLAY*                                               CONTACT      
  Baltimore Orioles        Timothy    D     OriolesATL at
  Boston Red Sox           Craig      D     redsoxsilvius at
  Brooklyn Cyclones        Joe        ?     diperri at
  Chicago Cubs             Stu        ?     cstufremont at
  Chicago White Stockings  Roger      ?     rhinotwo at
  Cincinnati Reds          Scott T    A     talboto at
  Houston Colt .45's   Steward-Ed     C     emortimer at
  Montreal Royales         Scott D    B     NYSE_Inc at
  New York Giants          Gene       ?     giantsgm at
  New York Yankees         Drew       A     jadale at
  Newark Eagles            B
ill       D     wjms13 at
  Oakland A's              Andrew     B     andrew0ellis at
  Pittsburg Alleghenys     Sam        B     samurgie6 at
  Pittsburgh Pirates       John M     A     phoenix_262 at
  Portland Sea Dogs        John B     D     lucysdad at
  Saint Louis Cardinals    Doug S     ?     stufremont at
  Saint Louis Stars        Steve      A     snatex at
  San Francisco Seals      Jon        C     jcbrown16 at
  Seattle Mariners    Steward-John M  A     phoenix_262 at
  Tokyo Giants             Ed         C     emortimer at
  Toronto Blue Jays        Rita       B     atlbluejays at
  Toronto Maple Leafs      Mark       B     atlmapleleafs at
  Washington Nationals Steward-John M A     phoenix_262 at
  Washgington Senators Steward-Ed     C     emortimer at

Field Managers for Netplay: Drew = Houston Colt .45's
                             Sam  = Washington Senators

*A=Always, B=Most Times, C=As Possible, D=Sometimes, E=Never

Alejandro PompezE-MailTsuneo Watanabe

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            EAST          CENTRAL       WEST
            Baltimore     C. Cubs       Cincinnati
            Boston RS    
Montreal      Houston
Brooklyn      Pittsburgh P  Oakland
            Washington S  Toronto       StL Stars

Union LeagueAtlantic DivisionContinental DivisionPacific Division

          Newark       C. White Sox    San Francisco
NY Giants    Pittsburg A     Seattle
          NY Yankees   StL Cardinals   Toronto
          Portland     Washington N    Tokyo

Teams That Are Available to New Owners

Houston Colt .45's
Seattle Mariners
Washington Nationals
Washington Senators
Inquire within.

Effa Manley

"Good stockbrokers are a dime a dozen, but good shortstops are hard to find."

-Charles O. Finley-