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"Japanese ball fans are great sports.
Only trouble with them is that they won't boo the umpires."

-Lefty O'Doul-

Bios of Nippon League Ballplayers

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A small attempt to bring a sense of familiarity to the names and stat lines we see in the All Time League. The links below lead to a list of batter and pitchers in alphabetical order. Not all the players in the Nippon All Time Set have a bio yet, but eventually they will. Also, when time permits I hope to gussy it up a bit more with better formatting and a picture for every player. Perhaps even career stats . . . in any case, all of these bios will be updated as I uncover more interesting tidbits about each player.

Batters                                                  Pitchers

1955 Japanese Baseball Register1956 Japanese Baseball Register

"If pro ball could gain a foothold the Japanese could give us a run for the money."
-Lefty O'Doul-