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Seattle Super Sale !!!

Seattle Pilots

Seattle Pilots

Seattle Pilots Baseball

Pete RoseWant to pick up a mint-condition 1968 Pete Rose?  Throw away that Green Book value!  Come on down and make us an offer!!!
We're offering DEALS, DEALS, DEALS!
Is infield defense a problem?  Not in Seattle!  You can pick up a gently used Hal Chase or Gary Templeton for less than our cost!  How can we do it?

We're CRRRRAAAAAAAAZY, that's how!

Bad credit? No credit?  NO PROBLEM!


Had your eye on that shiny Hack Wilson with the sporty .517 SLG package?  Let's talk!

We honor all competitors' coupons!  Think the Nats are giving you a deal?  Come on in, we'll match or beat it, or you get Gus Triandos ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!**

(*Offer does not apply to Pitchers and Darryl Strawberry.  Void where prohibited and in New Jersey.  Buyer pays international shipping, if applicable.)

(** Free picture of Gus Triandos.  Actual Gus Triandos is not included in free offer.  Make us an offer on the real Gus Triandos.)
Gus Triandos
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