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April Power Rankings Updated 2

Legends LeagueAll Time LeagueUnion League

by "Question" Mark
Freelance correspondent
All Time League

Power Rankings update!.

Saint Louis StarsNewark Eagles1. St. Louis Stars (LW: 1)
2. Newark Eagles (LW: 5)
3. Houston Colt .45's (LW: 3)
4. Pittsburgh Pirates (LW: 5)
5. Kansas City Monarchs (LW: 7)
6. Chicago Cubs (LW: 6)
7. Boston Red Sox (LW: 4)
Houston Colt .45's8. Detroit Tigers (LW: 8)
Pittsburgh Pirates9. Chicago White Stockings (LW: UNR)
10. Cleveland Spiders (LW: 9)


The incredible winning streaks of the Stars and Newark dictates them to be ranked 1 and 2. I think Pittsburgh and Chicago are good teams but I'm docking them some on SOS. Boston has a good record and a great team, but not a very strong run differential and have struggled against the higher caliber opponents they've faced. Newark and Kansas City have faced each other 6 times already, and that's definitely accounted for in both our rankings.

The Union League is really wide open, whereas there seem to only be 5 teams with a serious chance of making the playoffs in the Legends League - the 6th best team in the Legends League is 11-16! There is not much parity in the Legends League, but a team with 90 wins might not make the playoffs.