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April Power Rankings Updated

Legends LeagueAll Time LeagueUnion League

by "Question" Mark
Freelance correspondent
All Time League

Power Rankings update!.

Saint Louis StarsPittsburgh Pirates1. St. Louis Stars (LW: 2)
2. Pittsburgh Pirates (LW: 1)
3. Houston Colt .45's (LW: 3)
4. Boston Red Sox (LW: 7)
5. Newark Eagles (LW: 6)
6. Chicago Cubs (LW: 4)
7. Kansas City Monarchs (LW: 5)
Houston Colt .45's8. Detroit Tigers (LW: 8)
Boston Red Sox9. Cleveland Spiders (LW: UNR)
10. New York Yankees (LW: UNR)

There are some quality teams I left out - I want to start weighing how you're doing this year more, so I get some more movement in the rankings.

BTW, I am taking into account schedule, run differential, and record in 1-run games, so that's why some of these teams aren't where you might expect them to be.