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"It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future"

-Yogi Berra-

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Predictions On The Future Of A Fledgling League

by Cy Kosis
Freelance Sports Reporter At Large

The league's inaugural season is about to get underway. Lots of excitement in all the cities of this fledgling association of ball clubs. There is electricity in the air, and one has to wonder what records will be set that future seasons to compete against. The slate is clean, but we are all about to write upon it in glowing, golden letters.

It is only proper that at this time I trot out the first of what I hope will be annual predictions. Who will win the awards? Which players will be crowned kings of their game? Come close and I will tell thee:

The 2005 Predictions of Cy Kosis

Most Valuable Player  Babe Ruth, Legends League
                      Ed Delahanty, Union League

Cy Young Award        Grover Alexander, Legends League
                      Mordecai Brown, Union League

Fireman of the Year   Hoyt Wilhelm, Legends League
                      Goose Gossage, Union League

Home Run King:        Babe Ruth
Batting Average King  Ed Delahanty
Doubles King          Ed Delahanty
Triples King          Billy Hamilton

Wins King             Joe Wood
ERA King              Dwight Gooden
Strikeout King        Walter Johnson
Saves King            Hoyt Wilhelm

"Never make predictions, especially about the future."

-Casey Stengal-

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