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Orix Blue Wave

Orix Blue Wave

by "Tex" Walker
Union League correspondent
Kobe Sports News

Bobby Bonilla
Three players on the move! Three players from The Orix Blue Wave have decided to jump ship, unbeknownst to their GM. World Class ball players Bobby Bonilla, Joe Carter and Kevin Mitchell have all told me they are tired of being down on Orix's farm team, and that they deserve their chance on rotation. They have also stated that their experience on Orix's farm team has been a less than a pleasurable time, stating "their stingy GM hasn't bothered to call them up, except for Bonilla who did get a few games in until being sent back to the farm". After speaking to the above mentioned players, I can understand their resentment and hope that they do get moved to a more prosperus team.
I contacted the GM of The Orix Blue Wave, Tricia Walks after speaking to her players. Her comment about her farm team players wanting to leave was this. "It's unfortunate that Bobby, Joe and Kevin want to be traded, they know I don't have a place for them on the main roster so I can understand their frustration. If they wish to be traded for a fair value, then I welcome offers from other GM's who may have pitching available, as that is what I'm in need of."
Who's to know where this might all lead. But it's all coming down to a time crunch as the All Star Break and Trade Deadlines are fast approaching.

In other news, Wes Ferrell wants to go home.
After faking injury on Japanese Turf, Wes Ferrell has been ask to be let out of his contract so that he may go home to North America. Ferrell has been injured badly enough to miss games an ATL record of 5 times this season.
Now, it's just a matter of what team he will be able to play with when he gets home.
If there are any teams interested in Wes, please let the GM of Orix know so that deals can be made.

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