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Staff Reporter for Keokuk Baseball

Come one, come all!

There are OF'rs galore, and a catcher to be had in Keokuk.

One stop shopping HERE.

Gabby HartnettGary CarterGabby Hartnett? Gary Carter? Either can be yours, Keokuk is looking for some pitching in exchange for the powerful righthand bats of these backstops (who are absolutely terrific defenders to boot!).

How about Jose Cruz or Minnie Minoso to fill that elusive outfield corner with a lefty/righty platoon?

Not your cup of tea?

How about a speedy switch hitter who goes by the name "Rock"? Yes, even Tim "Rock" Raines can be had for the right price.
Rock Raines

Even the former single-season Hit King can be had,
yyeeeeesssssss folks,
George Sisler
step right up and George Sisler can be yours!

Like I said, I'm looking for some pitching in return. Preferably a right-hander (starter or reliever) who can shut some people down because my bullpen is about to cause me to be arrested for arson.

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