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Keokuk Gate City Sports

Keokuk Westerns

Keokuk Westerns

by "Word" Smith
All Time League correspondent
Keokuk Gate City Daily

Greg LuzinskiIt was a big man sitting in front of the empty locker, but one with the heart of a little kid.

"I don't have anything against the management here in Keokuk.  I hoped I could find a role to play here.  I couldn't.  I sure would like to catch on somewhere.  I know I can help somebody this season."

Greg Luzinski, the odd man out in a system built around pitching and defense, was released today by the Westerns after efforts to trade him on the eve of Opening Day failed to bear fruit.

"He's a good kid, good bat.  There just wasn't anything for him to do here," said manager "Itchy" Jones.  "Watson gives me the right-handed slugging, and I've got left fielders all over the place.  Poor kid, he just can't cover the ground in a big field like ours.  I wish him luck, I really do."

To fill his spot on the 35-man roster, bespectacled corner-fielder Chick Hafey was signed to a minor league contract by Keokuk.  Without saying so, Jones obviously hopes Hafey will be a little less overmatched in the pea patch than his predecessor.  With a rifle arm honed at the oddly-configured Baker Bowl, Jones won't be afraid to let Hafey put down the ash and pick upthe leather.

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