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""If Satch and I was pitching on the same team,
we'd clinch the pennant by July and go fishing until World Series time."

-Dizzy Dean-

The Diamond Mind Baseball
All Time League
ATL Logo
1) The DMBATL shall be operated by one League Commissioner and two League Presidents
A) The two League Presidents will own teams in the opposite league of which they are president
B) The League shall use the most current Diamond Mind All Time Great Players (AGP) disk.
C) This is a full participation league, every team owner is expected to participate.
1) All owners must maintain a current Manager Profile for their team
a) Manager Profiles can be submitted by game mechanism or by written email to the league
D) Rule changes will be voted on by all team owners, all rule change/additions submissions will
 occur between seasons
E) The League shall strive for 100% Human ownership
1) Until such time as every team has Human ownership the league presidents will operate the
 computer-owned teams from their league as if the teams were their own.

2) The DMBATL shall consist of 24 teams
A) There will be two Leagues, each with 12 teams
1) Each Owner can choose the team name and park (i.e. the Franchise)
a) Each Franchise must be historically correct
1) No two team names shall be the same
2) Two teams can share the same park if they are in opposite leagues
3) Teams can only be moved from a city and/or park once every five years
4) The Team Name and Park can be taken from any professional League in history
b) For the original construction of the league all owners can choose their own team name
 and park
1) If more than one owner wants the same team or park (within the same league) there
 will be a random order draft selection of all such disputes
c) Parks can be chosen from any of the parks on any Diamond Mind Disk at the discretion
 of the Commissioner
d) Parks that are not on any DMB disk need to be researched so that ratings can be
 assigned at the discretion of the League Commissioner
B) There will be three 4-team divisions in each league -- the divisions divided by geography
C) The Division Championship shall be conducted between the 3 division winners and the Wild
1) The Wild Card team will be the second place team with the best record
2) The Wild Card will play the first place team with the best record in a best of 5 series
3) The first place teams with the 2nd & 3rd best records will play each other in a best of
 5 series (2-2-1)
a) In the event of the Regular Season ending in ties for Division Leaders or Wild Cards
there will be a Playoff to determine the winner.
1) Division Playoff shall be a best of 3 series
2) Wild Card Playoff shall be a 1 game playoff
3) Both Division & Wild Card Playoffs will be considered Regular Season games
D) The League Championship pits the winners of the Divisional Series in a best of 7 (2-3-2)
E) Home team in League & Divisional Series is always decided by:
a) best overall record
b) best record head-to-head
c) most overall runs scored
d) most runs scored head-to-head
e) coin toss
F) The World Series pits the two League Champions in a best of 9 series (3-4-2)

3) League games shall be run by the Commissioner or League Presidents on their computers
A) Each series of games shall be of four days on the schedule and shall be run twice weekly
1) The days of the games shall normally be Wednesday and Sunday
a) The exact hour the games will be run will be decided by the Commissioner or League
 Presidents and shall remain as consistent as possible throughout the season
b) Alternate days or times can be scheduled if need be as long as the entire League is
 made aware in as timely fashion as possible
2) Manager Profiles must be sent in to the League Presidents before the scheduled games are
 due to be played
a) Late sends are not reason to replay the games
1) If need be the League Presidents shall make any modifications necessary to a team
 that does not have a current and valid Manager Profile
B) Netplay is encouraged between team owners
1) All scheduling of Netplay games has to coincide with the Commissioner or League President
 schedule for running the games
a) All Netplay games must be finished and sent in to the Commissioner or League President
 by the same time Manager Profiles are due
b) Any problem exporting/importing Netplay games shall cause them to be invalid
1) It is up to the Netplayers to make sure their Netplay game files are not corrupt in
 any fashion
a) The League Presidents have no responsibility to ensure Netplay game files are
c) Any cheating in Netplay games (i.e. circumvention of the letter or spirit of the rules)
 will result in the loss of the privilege to play Netplay games until such time as the
 Commissioner deems otherwise
1) Dropped Connections during games will cause the Host Player to Save the game and
 have it continue from that point when the connection is re-established.
a) Any disputes over dropped connections shall be brought to the League Presidents

4) Team Rosters shall have 35 Players at all times
1) Only 25 Players will be active for any given series of 4 games from Game 1 through Game 100
2) Rosters shall expand to 35 players on Game 101 and remain so until Game 154
3) The only time Players can be Signed, Released, Promoted, Farmed or Disabled is between
a) The Commissioner or League President makes all Roster changes regarding Free Agents,
 Player Drops or Trades -- i.e. all roster changes.
b) Other Roster Moves can be made by the Team Owner in the Manager profile that is sent
in prior to the release of the Netplay league file, otherwise instructions can be sent
to the Commissioner or League President for them to handle the change for the owner
1) Free Agent signings are dependent on the Commissioner or League President ratifying
 the signing
2) All Roster Changes happen between series: i.e. immediately after or immediately
 before the Autoplay games, always by the Commissioner, never during Netplay.
a) Owners must send in their Netplay game results and any Manager Profile that
 includes roster movement seperately
1) Netplay results and Manager Profiles that do not include roster movement can
be sent in together as one file
4) Trading and Free Agent Signings will be active between series from the Spring Season
through the All-Star Break.
a) Trading Season opens with the Annual Draft, and is active to the end of the Draft.
b) All trades must pass the muster of a League Approval -- any Naysay of a trade must be
made within 24 hours of the trade announcement.
1) "League Approval" means all such trades will be announced to the league via the
Yahoo! group, and every owner (including the League Presidents) has the right to
naysay the trade on the grounds of dangerously unequal compensation to one side.
a) If one owner Naysays the trade, it fails.
1) An Owner involved in the trade can dispute the Naysay to the Commissioner, and
if the Commissioner upholds the Naysay then the entire league will be subject
to a vote on the matter
a) Each participant able to present their reasoning in one email before the
vote -- majority of voters prevails. Matter resolved.
5) Free Agent requests shall be submitted to the League Presidents at least one full 24-hour
 period before the the Manager Profiles are due
a) Teams shall be given precedence on Free Agent signings using a list of teams
 synchronized by current won-lost records, best team first and worst team last
b) No Free Agent signing is official unless ratified by the League President
c) All trades between teams owned by the same person must follow the usual procedure.
6) Post Season rosters shall have 25 players active for each series
a) Changes in the rosters can only happen between series
7) Spring Season rosters shall have 35 players active
8) Owners are responsible for having enough position players and pitchers to cover any

5) The Regular Season shall be 154 games long
A) The Spring Season shall include a Draft, a Rules Discussion, and then an Exhibition Season
 of 44 games
1) The Exhibition Season will be run in two sessions of 22 games
B) The All-Star Break shall be held after the 100th game
1) The All-Star Series shall be seven games (2-3-2)
2) The Managers of the League All-Stars shall be the previous year's World Series managers
a) The first year the managers shall be taken from the team with the best record for each
3) All-Stars shall be voted on by all Team Owners in a tiered point system
a) Owners shall vote for three players per position
1) First Choice gets 5 points, Second Choice gets 3 points, Third Choice gets 1 point
2) Starting Pitcher and Relief Pitcher shall be considered two different positions
3) Each Outfield Position shall be represented as an individual position
4) The All-Star Series shall be played over the course of one week, and Netplay is
a) Boxscores and play-by-play shall be made available to the League after each game
5) The first game Home team shall be decided by coin flip for the first season,
 thereafter the honor will alternate between leagues.
6) The Home and Away ballparks shall be the parks of the participants of the previous year's
 World Series
a) The first year will use parks of the top teams from each league
C) The 154-game regular Season Schedule shall be unbalanced
1) Each team will play 66 games within its own division, 22 games against each team
2) Each team will play 88 games outside its own division, 11 games against each team

6) The Draft
1) The Initial Draft shall be held by lists
2) The Draft will be serpentine with all teams randomly assigned a slot
3) Each Owner will submit a list of 25 players each day
1) The selections will continue each day until a pick comes up against an exhausted list
a) If an owner fails to submit a list the Commissioner will use the DMB program to help
 determine selections for that owner
b) Alternate methods including a real-time draft can be instituted in whole or in part as
 desired by the league
4) Every year an Annual Draft will be held before the Exhibition Season
1) Every team will protect a certain number of players from the Annual Draft
a) The number of Players protected shall be determined by the won-lost record of every
1) All teams from both leagues will be ranked in one list by won-lost record
2) Teams 1-4 can protect 12 Players
3) Teams 5-8 can protect 16 Players
4) Teams 9-12 can protect 20 Players
5) Teams 13-16 can protect 24 Players
6) Teams 17-20 can protect 28 Players
7) Teams 21-24 can protect 32 Players
2) The Annual Draft shall be serpentine and consist of at least 3 Rounds
a) Each Team will drop at least 3 Players prior to the Annual Draft
b) The Draft Order will be determined by reverse order to the last year's combined league
 won-lost standings
c) All Free Agents and all Non-Protected Players are available to be drafted
1) Each Team can only lose a maximum of 3 players
a) When 3 players have been drafted off a specific team, all remaining
 Non-Protected Players become Protected and cannot be selected by any other team
1) A Team can select it's own Non-Protected players and have them count toward
 the maximum loss rule
2) The draft shall be real-time, details arranged at the time of the draft

6) There will be no Designated Hitter in either league

7) There will be no Regular Season Inter-League Play

8) Injuries will be set to Random

9) There are no limits to playing time for any Player

10) Awards will be voted on by all Owners
1) A list of Awards are for each League is as follows:
a) Player of the Month & Pitcher of the Month
b) Most Valuable Player
c) Cy Young Award
d) Fireman of the Year
e) Rookie of the Year
f) Gold Glove Award for every position
g) Silver Slugger Award for every position
h) Best Nine for every position
i) Comeback Player of the Year
j) Manager of the Year

11) All Time Great Negro League and Japanese League Players shall be part of the Player Pool

12) The Commissioner will be responsible for maintaining the official DMBATL files
First Amendment: 2/3 Majority on AGP Changes, 2006

1A) Any change in the DMB All-time Greatest Players disk must be approved by a 2/3 vote of all
 owners who cast a vote within the time frame as outlined by the Commissioner.

Second Amendment: Creation of a Waiver List, 2006

2A) If a player is dropped from a team's roster during the free agent season, that player is
 first placed on a subset list, the Waiver List, for one week (2 series, 8 games). Teams can
 select from the Waiver List just like the Free Agent list with one exception: the order of
 preference if two or more teams want the same player is reversed -- the team with the worst
 record getting the player.

El Jefe 9.01(c) Clause
Anything not contained in these rules, El Arbitro Grande may rule upon at his own discretion.

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