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"No man is going to sell my carcass unless I get half."

-Deacon White-

DMB All Time League 2006 Trade Watch

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The Babe and Shoeless

The Trades



To Boston RS:  Toronto's 1st round pick
To Toronto:    Mike Mussina     SP
               Boston's 4th round pick

To Houston:    Amos Rusie       SP
               NYG's 3rd round pick

To NY Giants:  Jackie Robinson  2B
               John Wetteland   CL

To Houston:    Detroit's 1st round pick

To Detroit:    Jim Palmer       SP


To Tokyo:       Yutaka Ono      RP

To Cincinnati:  Tokyo's 2nd round pick

To San Francisco: Frankie Frisch    2B
                  Jim Brewer        RP
                  Los Angeles 2nd round pick

To Los Angeles:   Teddy Higuera     SP
                  San Francisco 1st round pick
                  San Francisco 2nd round pick


To Washington:    Hiromitsu Kadota  LF
                  Beaneaters 1st Round Pick

To Beaneaters:    Bruce Sutter      CL
                  Chino Smith       CF

To San Francisco: Jim Brewer        RP
                  Frankie Frisch    2B
                  Dodgers' 2nd round pick

To Los Angeles:   Seals's 1st round pick
Seals's 2nd round pick


To Cincinnati:    Dan Brouthers   1B
                  John McGraw     3B
To Washington:    Lou Gehrig      1B
                  Reds 2nd Round Pick

To Red Sox:       Double Duty Radcliffe CA

To Houston:       Red Sox 3rd Round Pick

To Toronto:       Fred McGriff  1B

To Washington:    Toronto's 3rd round pick

To Red Sox:       Johnny Bench          CA

To NY Giants:     Double Duty Radcliffe CA
                  Atsushi Aramaki       SP


To Houston:        Barry Bonds      LF
                   Dutch Leonard(L) SP
                   Garry Templeton  SS
                   Mitch Williams   CL

To Seattle:        Hank Aaron       RF
                   Bill Dahlen      SS
                   Gregg Olsen      CL
                   Gaylord Perry    SP

To Detroit:        Red Faber        SP

To Saint Louis:    Ed Stone         RF

To Saint Louis:    Mickey Mantle    CF

To San Francisco:  Alejandro Oms    RF
                   Tony Oliva       RF
                   Dolf Luque       SP

To San Francisco:  Joe Medwick      LF
To Boston Red Sox: Kevin Brown      SP

To Pittsburgh:     Ken Williams     LF

To San Francisco:  Pirates' 3rd round pick

To Toronto:        Jeff Kent        2B

To Mudville:       Toronto's 4th round pick

To Chicago Cubs:        Leon Day        2B

To C. White Stockings:  Spot Poles      CF

To Baltimore:        Harmon Killebrew   1B

To N.Y. Giants:      Billy Hamilton     CF
                     Baltimore's 4th round pick

To Kansas City:      Jackie Robinson    2B
                     NY Giant's 5th round pick

To N.Y. Giants:      Wade Boggs         3B
                     Kansas City's 6th round pick

To B. Beaneaters:    William Bell       SP

To Chicago Cubs:     Beaneaters 4th round pick

To Seattle:          Carl Hubbell       SP
                     Buddy Bell         3B

To Kansas City:      Seattle's 5th round pick
                     Seattle's 6th round pick


To Baltimore:      Scott Rolen       3B

To Houston:        Baltimore's 5th round pick


To Los Angeles:    Tom Seaver         SP
                   Paul Waner         RF

Saint Louis:    Ted Williams       LF


To Chicago Cubs:  Kazuo Matsui       SS

To Kansas City:   Silvio Garcia      SS

to Baltimore:     Hack Wilson        CF

to Seattle:       Goose Goslin       LF


To Brooklyn:      Rod Carew          1B
                  Topsy Hartsel      LF

To Saint Louis:   Charlie Gehringer  2B
                  Steve Howe         MR


To NY Giants:     Cristobal Torriente   CF
                  Curt Davis            SP

To Saint Louis:   Hoyt Wilhelm          CL
                  Mike Henneman         CL


To Cincinnati:    Frank Thomas          1B

To Washington:    Bret Saberhagen       SP

To Orix:          Kazuyoshi Tatsunami   2B

To Pittsburgh:    Don Buford            LF

To StL Cardinals: Dizzy Dean            SP

To StL Stars:     Richie Ashburn        CF

To StL Cardinals: Bob Locker            CL

To StL Stars:     Roy Thomas            CF

To StL Stars:     Walter Johnson        SP
                  Kent Tekulve          CL

To Washington:    Babe Adams            SP
                  Ellis Kinder          SP

To Detroit:       Mutsuo Minagawa       SP

To Washington:    Stu Miller            CL

To C.Cubs:        Orlando Cepeda        1B
                  Jamie Moyer           SP

To StL Cardinals: Roger Connor          1B
                  Dave McNally          SP

To NY Yankees:    Tony Pena             CA

To Toronto:       Ernie Whitt           CA

To Baltimore:     Willard Brown         CF

To Pittsburgh:    Turkey Stearnes       CF

To Brooklyn:      Mickey Lolich         SP

To Detroit:       Sam McDowell          SP

To Cincinnati:    Orlando Cepeda        1B

To C.Cubs:        Chuck Klein           RF


To C.Cubs:         Kevin Mitchell       LF
                   John Tudor           SP

To Orix:           Edd Roush            CF
                   Roosevelt Davis      SP

To StL Cardinals:  Urban Shocker        SP

To StL Stars:      Bullet Joe Rogan     SP

To C.Cubs:         Chino Smith          CF
                   Mike Moore           OF

To B.Red Caps:     Hugh Duffy           LF
                   Bobby Veach          LF

To Cincinnati:     Dazzy Vance          SP

To StL Stars:      Trevor Hoffman       CL

To B.Red Caps:     Eddie Cicotte        SP
                   Mickey Tettleton     CA

To StL Stars:      William Bell         SP
                   Wally Schang         CA

To Brooklyn:       Sparky Lyle          CL
                   Johnny Pesky         SS

To NY Giants:      Ichiro Suzuki        CF
                   Bert Campaneris      SS

To C.Cubs:         Ramon Bragana        SP

To StL Stars:      Leon Day             2B

To Cincinnati:     Charlie Buffington   SP
                   Steve Farr           CL
                   Mickey Welch         SP
                   Jimmy Williams       2B

To Kansas City:    Dan Brouthers        RF
                   Orlando Cepeda       1B
                   Buck Ewing           UT
                   Doc Gooden           SP

To StL Cardinals
Ed Bailey            CA

To NY Giants:     
Hippo Vaughn         SP

To Brooklyn:       Claude Hendrix       SP
                   Pie Traynor          3B

To Pittsburgh:     Toby Harrah          3B
                   Reggie Smith         RF

To B.Red Caps:     Roger Connor         1B
                   Carl Mays            SP

To StL Cardinals:  Eddie Murray         1B
                   Ted Simmons          CA

To B.Red Caps:     Jesse Burkett        LF
                   Bryn Smith           SP

To Washington:     Ralph Kiner          LF
                   Yashiro Sotokoba     SP

To Baltimore:      Frank Robinson       RF
                   Jim Palmer           SP
                   Frank Howard         LF

To Detroit:        Steve Carlton        SP
                   George Brett         3B
                   Tim Raines           LF

To B.Red Caps:     Nomar Garciaparra    SS
                   Billy Herman         2B

To B.Red Sox:      Joe Morgan           2B
                   Maury Wills          SS

To Washington:     Bob Rush             SP
                   Mike Henneman        CL

To StL Stars:      Tony Phillips        LF

To C.Cubs:         Big Florida Trent    SP

To StL Cardinals:  Kazuo Matsui         SS


To StL Stars:      Lou Gehrig          1B
                   Mitsuhiro Adachi    SP

To Washington:     Jim Whitney         SP
                   Steve Reed          CL
                   Edgar Martinez      DH
                   Vic Harris          LF
                   Norm Cash           1B
                   Gil Hodges          1B


To C.Cubs:     Rube Foster             SP
               Tommy Dukes             CA

To Washington: Red Lucas               SP
               Schoolboye Rowe         SP
               Eddie Miller            SS

To C.Cubs:     Ty Cobb                 CF

To Detroit:    Babe Ruth               RF

To B.Red Caps: Fred Lynn               RF
               Marty Pattin            SP

To Washington: Sherry Magee            LF
               Early Wynn              SP

To Cincinnati: Billy Hamilton          CF
               Rube Waddell            SP

To NY Giants:  Ken Griffey Jr.         CF
               Cannonball Redding      SP


To C.Cubs:            Dan Brouthers     1B
                      Jimmie Lyons      LF

To Kansas City:       Sam Jethroe       CF
                      Rueben Jones      LF

To B.Red Caps:        George Kell       3B
                      Luis Tiant Jr     SP

To C.White Stockings: Ray Brown         SP
                      Randy Myers       CL

To NY Yankees:        Bobby Thigpen     CL
                      Dave Veres        MR

To Toronto:           Lee Smith         CL

To StL Cardinals:    
Harry Danning     CA
                      Bill Madlock      3B
José Mesa         CL
To San Fransisco:     Ed Bailey         CA
                      Chuck Knoblauch   2B
                      Andrés Galarraga  1B


To C.White Stockings: Ryne Sandberg     2B

To StL Stars:         Ron Santo         3B

To StL Stars:         Lou Gehrig        1B

To Washington:        Norm Cash         1B
                      Dizzy Dean        SP
                      Charlie Gehringer 2B
                      Gil Hodges        1B
                      Ron Santo         3B
                      Ed Stone          RF

To Detroit:           Will Clark        1B
                      Nolan Ryan        SP
                      Lee Smith         CL

To Toronto:           Roger Clemens     SP
                      Bob Horner        3B
                      Jack Morris       SP

To C.Cubs:            Ben Chapman       CF
                      Mel Parnell       SP
                      Joe Sewell        SS

To Cleveland:         Tommy Dukes       CA
                      Chuck Klein       RF
                      Cecil Travis      SS


To StL Cardinals:    Ken Raffensberger  SP
                     Fred Clarke        LF

To Washington:       Bob Locker         MR
                     Rico Carty         LF

To B.Red Sox:        Addie Joss         SP
                     Biz Mackey         CA

To Cleveland:        Johnny Bench       CA
                     Noodles Hahn       SP


To C.Cubs:           Bob Wickman        MR

To Cleveland:        Ben Taylor         1B

To C.Cubs:           Jack Glasscock     SS
                     Max Lanier         SP

To StL Cardinals:    ElRoy Face         CL
                     Chick Hafey        LF

To StL Stars:        Dizzy Dean         SP
                     Mitsuhiro Adachi   SP

To Washington:       Wally Berger       CF
                     Jim Whitney        SP

To Baltimore:       
Mike Moore         OF

To C.Cubs:          
Willard Brown      CF

To Cleveland:        Roberto Hernandez  CL
                     Maury Wills        SS

To Detroit:          King Kelly         UT


To Baltimore:        Tom Glavine        SP
                     Juan Marichal      SP

To B.Red Caps:       Lefty Grove        SP
                     Frank Howard       LF


To C.Cubs:           Johnny Evers       2B

To StL.Cardinals:    Harvey Kuenn       RF


To B.Red Caps:       Heinie Manush      LF
                     Hardy Richardson   2B
                     Joe Wood           SP

To Cleveland:        Billy Herman       2B
                     Jeff Russell       CL
                     Duke Snider        CF


To B.Red Caps:       Walker Cooper      CA

To C.Cubs:           Sam Bankhead       UT

To C.Cubs:           Lefty LeMarque     SP
                     Ben Taylor         1B

To Cleveland:        Fats Jenkins       OF
                     Jim Bunning        SP


To Cleveland:       George Foster       LF
                    Charlie Root        SP

To Houston:         Earl Averill        CF
                    Cecil Travis        SS

To Cleveland:       Fumio Fujimura      3B

To Tokyo:           Genji Kaku          CL


To Baltimore:       Goose Goslin        lf
                    Greg McMichael      mr

To StL Cardinals:   Minnie Minoso       lf
                    Ron Reed            mr


To Baltimore:       Ben Taylor          1B

To C.Cubs:          Harmon Killebrew    1B

To Newark:          Frank Grant         2B

To StL.Cardinals:   Bob Johnson         LF

To Cleveland:       Babe Herman         RF

To San Francisco:   Charlie Root        SP


To Cleveland:       Fred Clarke       LF
                    ElRoy Face        CL
                    Bill Madlock      3B
                    José Mesa         CL

To StL Cardinals:   Jimmy Collins     3B
                    Billy Herman      2B
                    Don Mossi         MR
                    Jeff Russell      CL

To Cleveland:       Gene Tenace       CA
                    Frank Sullivan    SP

To StL Stars:       Ryohei Hasegawa   SP


To Baltimore:       Mike Schmidt      3B

To Oakland:         Jason Giambi      1B
                    Scott Rolen       3B

To C.Cubs:          Sam Thompson      RF

To Detroit:         Robin Yount       CF


To Cleveland:        Felipe Alou      RF
                     Jesse Tannehill  SP

To StL Cardinals:    George Foster    LF
                     Monte Irvin      LF

To C.Cubs:           Urban Shocker    SP

To StL Cardinals:    Joe Sewell       SS


To Pittsburgh:      Gaylord Perry       SP

To StL Cardinals:   Alonzo Perry        1B
                    Bobby Shantz        MR

To Kansas City:     Ron Reed            MR

To StL Cardinals:   Dave Smith          CL
                    Virgil Trucks       SP

To Baltimore:       Jesse Barnes        SP

To StL Cardinals:   Vinegar Bend Mizell SP

To Detroit:         Bill Freehan        CA
                    Carl Hubbell        SP
                    Eddie Murray        1B
                    Dave Smith          CL

To StL Cardinals:   Elston Howard       CA
                    Frank Lary          SP
                    Willie McCovey      1B
                    Lee Smith           CL


To C.Cubs:          Kazuo Matsui        SS
                    Jeff Russell        CL

To StL Cardinals:   Sam Bankhead        UT
                    Big Florida Trent   SP


To StL Cardinals:   Early Wynn          SP

To Washington:      Bob Lemon           SP

To Cleveland:       William Bell        SP

To StL Stars:       Roberto Hernandez   SP

To Cleveland:       Craig Biggio        2B
                    Chet Brewer         SP
                    Orlando Cepeda      1B
                    Jackie Robinson     2B
                    Carl Yastrzemski    LF

To Kansas City:     Ted Abernathy       MR
                    Felipe Alou         RF
                    Fred Clarke         LF
                    Paul Hines          CF
                    Nap Lajoie          2B


To B.Red Caps:      Elston Howard       CA
                    Pete Runnels        2B

To StL Cardinals:   Heinie Manush       LF
                    Rudy York           1B


To C.Cubs:          Nap Lajoie          2B

To Kansas City:     Martin Dihigo       2B


To Baltimore:       Louis Santop        CA

To C.Cubs:          Mike Moore          OF

To C.Cubs:          Hughie Jennings     SS
                    Alejandro Oms       CF

To San Francisco:   Willard Brown       CF
                    Robin Yount         CF

To Cleveland:       Ron Reed            MR
                    Bob Stanley         CL
                    Hooks Wiltse        SP

To Kansas City:     William Bell        SP
                    Noodles Hahn        SP
                    José Mesa           CL

To Oakland:         Noburo Akiyama      SP

To Pittsburgh:      Victor Starffin     SP

To Pittsburgh:      Smokey Joe Williams SP
                    Billy Pierce        SP

To San Francisco:   Ed Walsh            SP
                    Wilbur Wood         MR

Mike Mussina

Amos Rusie

Jackie Robinson

John Wetteland

Jim Palmer

Bruce Sutter

Frankie Frisch

John McGraw

Double Duty Radcliffe

Johnny Bench

Wild Thing

Hank Aaron

Ed Stone

The Mick

Spot Poles

Harmon Killebrew

Carl Hubbell

Ted Williams

Tom Seaver

Rod Carew

Cristobal Torriente

Hoyt Wilhelm

Kazuyoshi Tatsunami

Dizzy Dean

Walter Johnson

Ernie Whitt

Mickey Lolich

Edd Roush

Bullet Joe Rogan

Dazzy Vance

Ichiro Suzuki

Charlie Buffington

Ed Bailey

Roger Connor

Jesse Burkett

Frank Robinson

Tony Phillips

Lou Gehrig

Schoolboy Rowe

Ty Cobb

Babe Ruth

Rube Waddell

Luis Tiant Jr.

Lee Smith

Ryne Sandberg

Lou Gehrig

Nolan Ryan

Chuck Klein

Bob Locker

Ben Taylor

Dizzy Dean

Willard Brown

King Kelly

Lefty Grove

Duke Snider

Sam Bankhead

Lefty LaMarque

Charlie Root

Fumio Fujimura

Harmon Killebrew

Babe Herman

José Mesa

Don Mossi

"Bench me or trade me."

-Chico Ruiz-