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 [ ] The Dimaond Mind Baseball All Time League (DMB ATL) was founded in December, 2004 and had 16 original league members. They were (in alphabetical order): Mike Bush, Scott Carter, Drew Dale, John Dean, Rick Dean, Mark Dewdney, Scott Douglas, Richard Kruk, Chad Logan, Edward Mortimer, John Mortimer, Patrick O'Brien, Bill Sager, Larry Schilling, Craig Silvius and Tricia Walks. In January of 2005 we lost Mike Bush but gained Justin Petronzi and Lou Poulas. In February of 2005, Joe DiPerri joined us. Then in March of 2005 we were joined by Jon Brown, John Bruyninckx, Paul Dunn (for one game period), Steve Nathan, Matthew Rauseo, George Southerland and Greg Stillwagon. Then in April of 2005 we lost Patrick O'Brien . . . but we gained him back again in July! During October, 2005, we saw Chad, Justin, Greg and Patrick depart, while Timothy Laughrey & Michael Cabell joined us. In December 2005, Rick Dean left, and Jim Hekel, Andrew Ellis & Mike Gilbert joined. Then in January of 2006 Sam Murgie replaced Larry Schilling, while in March, 2006, Jim Hekel left, and Terry Buchanan joined the league.

 The league consists of 24 total teams, all controlled by individual owners or the League Presidents..

What is the DMB ATL?

"Baseball is more than a game to me, it's a religion."

-Bill Klem-

 [ ] The Diamond Mind Baseball All Time League (DMB ATL) is a league which celebrates the rich and exciting history of America's grand old sport, base ball. The league uses the Diamond Mind Baseball computer game program as a vehicle to simulate the statistical experience, and specifically the All Time Great Players Disk made available by the company. In addition to this, we have added a representative group of Negro League stars, Japanese League stars and 19th Century stars to our talent pool. These player representations, created by John and Ed Mortimer, allow some of the greatest ballplayers in the world to step on a ball field to overcome the racial and rules boundaries in place when they played, and now compete with their baseball peers on equal footing. This baseball league is about enjoying the legendary deeds of our base ball heroes all over again, while also pitting the greats from one era and league against the greats of another, creating match-ups previously impossible thanks to the real boundaries of time and the imaginary boundaries of mankind. Every DMB ATL game is a delightful journey through a mystical, fantastic world where the powers of the imagination team up with the technology of a computer to transport the participants into a unique and previously impossible time and place.

Yogi and Jackie
Number 42, safe at home

 [ ] To explore the world of the DMB ATL simply follow this link to The DMB ATL Central Office. There you will find all the DMB ATL links from the entire DMB ATL Net in one easy-to-navigate place. We now also have an All Time League Blog where we all can post league chatter!

All references to persons or entities within the All Time League website, dead and living, are fictitious and used for the sole enjoyment of the league's members. Please note that team names and logos are the sole property of their respective owners. The All Time League is completely non-profit, in fact it is simply a hobby with no capitalist intentions at all. It is only about baseball and baseball cranks.

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